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Born to a well known Canadian gospel family Renee spent her youth surrounded by music. It was in her moms passing as a teenager, Renée found her passion in music and its pursuit. 

Although her family encouraged her pursuit of higher education, for which she received multiple degrees at a private university in the USA, music was always calling.

After securing a position as an adjunct professor, Renée started playing and writing again. Within that year her first EP "What I Need" was produced.


In 2011 she was commissioned by The Virginia School of the Arts to write their closing and graduation anthem  from which "Legacy" was created. 

As a writer, all her lyrics are born from a place of real and raw emotion, creating a true connection with her listeners.

Performing live for over a decade, with two (2) additional albums produced, 2020 brought her back into the studio, producing "We Are One,” among many other tracks, in hopes of inspiring our world to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

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